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I am a multi-disciplinary artist inspired by everyday magic,

the majesty of nature and the complexities of being human.

I use visual arts, dance and poetry to reflect on life, death, beauty and the things that shape us.

Gallery Premier of "Polar Opposites"

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Opening night of my Polar Opposites exhibition in the B1 gallery at the Beaumont studios in Vancouver was a huge success. Such a fun night of old and new friends, music, dancing and many laughs.
I was thrilled by the reflections shared by people about the series. They really understood the spirit behind the pieces and the overall energy of the series.

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For me creative exploration is a conversation between self and environment.

It in an ongoing inquiry into the mysteries of life inviting me into a process of discovery.
Stories, characters and landscapes emerge as i work with my various creative mediums.

Vision, thought and movement merge and inform each other
in a fascinating, daily unravelling

It is from that place of wonder that I discover how to reflect (on) the world

and what I have to share becomes clear.

My Latest Projects

My latest projects

Drawn out journey
art series

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In no time at all

guided journal

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Heart Forest Mind Field

art & poetry

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This Liquid Present

book & blog

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art, home decor, scarves

artisan lamps,

original paintings

canvas/metal/wood art prints,

window art,

throw pillows,

printed scarves 

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Movement speaks all angles, threads meaning through the transition between destinations,

This whole person is moving

every muscle


breath and 



She is telling you who she is,

how she sees the world.


in how music informs muscle

Exploring the edges,

where her and the world touch.

She can make shapes she’s never made before,

other days she repeats and repeats

the steps that are hard

until her body can’t forget 

and her mind is freed 

Dance is my lifelong practice. From ballet and movement class at age 4, circus arts and gymnastics at 7, to jazz and contemporary at 10.
Dancing at festivals through my twenties and into my 30s made me itch for more focused training again.
I found bellydance in my 30s and was so lucky to have an amazing local teacher. It challenged and delighted me. A few years ago I made a decision to practice on my own more often and make it something I do at least 4 times a week. When I practice everyday I am a happier more balanced person, a better artist and partner, mother and land-steward. - movement is medicine. 

I want to surprise you with the things you already know... 
So I’ve been exploring different ways to tell stories
I want to remind you to notice the world with all your senses ... and to create!
but also to not decide about good or bad.                      Just for this moment... 
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