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Original paintings, canvas and brushed metal prints, wearable art, home decor

Wearable Art

Polar Opposites - Made of You
painting series - acrylic on canvas 20x16


I'll see you in dreams

We remember dinosaurs

On the nose

She's all legs

Home on the range

Chimp and Bunny for web.jpg

It's all in your head

It's ok I've got you

Tiger and Seahorse for web.jpg

Towing the line

Splitting hairs

I see you king

I see you king

Made of You

Made of you

44 Moons - Making Matter - a healing journey

The Question final web.jpg
Witness final web.jpg
Suspension final web.jpg
All we ever Wanted final web.jpg

44 Moons.  -   Making Matter   -   a painting journey

Now  - Then - Forever - and All Right Now


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